Maintaining Your Instrument

Maintaining Your Instrument

Whether you’re into your classic Les Paul Customs or your Ibanez 7 string gain monsters keeping your instrument looking and feeling the part is important. Navigating the world of instrument care gives you a lot of options some of which you may not be familiar with, so here’s a quick guide on a few simple products and how they can help.

Manson Fingerboard Oil

If you’ve ever looked at your fingerboard and thought “goodness, that looks thirsty” then our Manson Fingerboard Oil is for you. Apply this oil across your fingerboard with a clean dry cloth and then wipe off once it has been allowed a few minutes to permeate the wood. This keeps your fingerboard in perfect condition. This solution made by Hugh Manson is used by our own technicians and smells amazing too! For use with rosewood and ebony boards and not recommended to apply to the body.

GHS Fast Fret

Does your playing not feel fast and furious enough? The issue could be your guitar needs some lubricant. Simply run the handy applicator across the back of your neck and strings and away you go, no sprays, no silicone, no fuss!

EternaShine Guitar Detailer

Smudges, fingerprints and sweat on your precious? We hates them too, filthy guitarses! Well cast your eye not to the fires of Mount Doom but to EternaShine Guitar Detailer. Guitar polish or detailer is easily applied with a couple of sprays and wiped off using a clean dry microfibre cloth. You can still use this with nitrocellulose finishes but be sparing and apply to the cloth first. This can work with a matte finish guitar but we would advise to wipe with a clean damp microfibre cloth.


If you have any questions about the above products or need advice on your instrument get in touch and our team would be more than happy to help!

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