Staff Meeting: John Davidson

Staff Meeting: John Davidson

A lifetime spent hammering out improv all over the country does things to a man. As a result, John has a long catalogue of unhinged noise and scattergun riffing behind him, spanning bands like Blacktron One, Conundrum In Deed, Strange Deeds and UpWorlder. A Denmark Street alumni, John runs Heavy Repping!, the world’s premiere plectrum blog, so if you want to get the most out of your axe, give him a honk.



MXR Dyna Comp Mini and 6 Band Silver EQ

Despite my endless love of effects, I shied away from compression and EQ for the majority of my playing life, but during a stint with God Of Morning, I got my hands on both of these pedals and couldn’t believe how much they changed my approach to playing. Running the compressor hard lets me get much more density out of a lower-gain drive, and brings infinitely-improved balance to my clean and driven volumes. The EQ gives a huge, distortion-free boost to my overall signal, letting me widen my signal without crushing my sound. Essentials.

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession

A deeply misunderstood pedal, the Procession is an incredible thing that couldn’t be more suited to me if I’d custom ordered it. Furnished with a three-way toggle to go from flanger to filter matrix to tremolo, this true-bypass space depot has more verb than a dictionary in addition to an EHX-Freeze-style hold function for pad tones. Capable of creating an instantaneously deep atmosphere and turning that one note into a hymn to eternal desolation, it’s a pedal I didn’t even understand that I needed, and it feels like home.


  • Odessa ‘The Stick’
  • 1983 Westone Thunder IIA
  • Seagull Merlin Dulcimer
  • 1984 ESP 400 Series
  • Rothwell Heartbreaker
  • TC Polytune Mini
  • Ibanez DDL10
  • Idiotbox Dungeon Master
  • Boss RC-20XL
  • 1970’s WEM Westminster
  • Sonus SC10 Black Badge
  • Sonus SC50 Blue Badge

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