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Gibson Eric Clapton Cross Roads 335 - New!

Gibson Eric Clapton Cross Roads 335 - New!

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Gibson Eric Clapton Cross Roads 335 - New!Gibson Eric Clapton Cross Roads 335 - New!

Mansons Guitar Shop are delighted to offer a brand new (NOS – New Old Stock) Gibson Custom Shop Eric Clapton Crossroads ES335. The guitar has remained stored since 2005 and is only now being offered for sale. This must surely be one of the very last opportunities to become the first owner of a historic, collectable guitar exactly as it left the Gibson Custom in 2005. Only 75 pieces were available for outside the USA  market from a limited (and sold out) run of 250 instruments.
Whilst all examples are very special indeed, this particular example is noteworthy for being within the  very last 10 production numbers and being an example in which we were privileged to select from four examples and as such is one of the greatest sounding examples we have heard of any 335! The example was also selected for having the best relicing and Eric signature in the Orange label soundhole.
Complete with everything as supplied by the factory including the original UK distributor box and associated packaging this is a time machine guitar you won’t want to miss.
About the Eric Clapton ES 335 crossroads Custom Shop Guitar.
Original Gibson press release
“Gibson Guitar announces the production of 250 replicas of the Eric Clapton Crossroads 335 model, from which a significant portion of the proceeds will benefit the artist’s “Crossroads Centre” in Antigua. “Crossroads Centre” is an internationally recognized treatment center for addiction, founded by the artist.

The ultimate blues and rock musician, 16 time Grammy winner, and the only artist to ever be inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame three times, Clapton originally purchased the now famous Gibson ES 335 guitar in 1964 and used it throughout his illustrious career for the ensuing 40 years. The Clapton 335 has gone on to become one of most famous guitars in rock music history, and was purchased by Guitar Center at a charity auction in June of 2004 for a record price of $847,500.

Guitar Center subsequently loaned the original instrument to Gibson Custom so that it could be meticulously measured and recreated by Gibson’s expert luthiers in preparation for the limited edition “Crossroads” model, which has been approved by Clapton himself.  The processes used to faithfully reproduce the guitar include digitizing the neck with a laser beam to ensure dimensional accuracy, aging the finish to simulate 40 years of loving use, replicating the Hare Krishna sticker given to Eric by George Harrison, and stenciling the "distressed" case with the "CREAM" logo - as per the original.  All of the guitars will be signed by Clapton. 

Guitar Center has purchased the first 175 of the 250 replicas now in production at Gibson Custom in Nashville, Tennessee, the balance of 75 replicas are destined for export markets.

“We are honored to be involved with Eric Clapton and Gibson in the recreation of this legendary guitar, and anticipate that the first guitars will be offered for sale directly from Guitar Center stores in late July 2005,” said Keith Brawley, Vice President of Guitar and Amplifier Merchandising, Guitar Center.

“It is the extraordinary history and music of this amazing musician that led us to want to create the Eric Clapton Crossroads 335 Gibson Custom guitar,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO Gibson Guitar. “We are pleased that Guitar Center recognizes Clapton’s contributions to the world over his brilliant career.  We know the attention we have spent on each and every model will stand the test of time with anyone who adds this magnificent guitar to their collection.
.Purchased by Eric Clapton in 1964, Clapton used the ES-335 throughout his career from The Yardbirds, Cream, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Blind Faith, and during his solo career. He famously played the ES-335 during Cream's farewell tour in the autumn of 1968, which culminated in two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall on November 26th, 1968. He played the ES-335 in the second concert of the day, which was filmed and later released as the “Cream Farewell Concert.” In December 1968, Clapton went on to record Badge and other tracks with this guitar, released later on the Goodbye album.  Clapton used the ES-335 extensively in Blind Faith recording sessions, and on stage during Scandinavian and US Tours that followed. It was also used on The Rolling Stones Rock 'N' Roll Circus. The 335 was additionally featured on the inside cover photos of the Blind Faith album as well as No Reason To Cry. Clapton said in a 1989 interview that this guitar was also used on his rendition of Ray Charles' Hard Times from the Journeyman album. In addition, the guitar was taken by Lee Dickson to practically all Clapton's recording sessions throughout his 25 year tenure with Clapton since 1979.  In the autumn of 1994, the 335 returned to the stage during the Nothing But The Blues Tour. Clapton can be seen playing this guitar in the documentary film of Nothing But The Blues, directed by Martin Scorsese.  This ES-335 remained as a stage guitar until the summer of 1996. Again, it was captured in concert footage that year when Clapton used it on various TV shows, most notably the VH-1 Duets program, and on the video Eric Clapton - Live In Hyde Park from 29th June, 1996, where it also features on the cover.  Although lovingly maintained by Eric in largely original condition, the “Hare Krishna” sticker on the back of the headstock was a notable contribution by his best friend, George Harrison. The original tuning keys were also replaced with Grovers (post Blind Faith). The “CREAM” logo is evocatively stenciled on the case, a graphic reminder of this instruments use on one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded – “Crossroads.”   On 24th June, 2004, Guitar Center successfully bid $847,500 for Eric’s 335. Shortly thereafter and with Eric Clapton’s permission, Guitar Center commissioned Gibson to re-create 250 replicas of this legendary guitar – as well as it’s emotive and road worn “CREAM” stenciled guitar case.

On July 30th, 2005, the “Eric Clapton Crossroads 335” was released and all 175 examples allocated to the US market sold out in less than 3 days. A significant portion of the proceeds was for the benefit of the Crossroads Centre – founded by Eric Clapton.

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