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Workshop Technicians

Hugh MansonWorkshop Technicians

Hugh has serviced tens of thousands of instruments in his career. Not to mention custom builds that is in excess of 1000 instruments spanning a 30-year career. Hugh is best known for his work with Led Zeppelin and Muse but has a client list (still held, old-fashioned style in his famous blue book!) of hundreds of artists. He has also been a freelance service technician for companies such as Washburn, Tokai and BC Rich in the past. His work has been featured on the cover of every serious music magazine, as well as national and international newspapers. When he's not designing or building instruments Hugh can still be found at Manson's repair department fixing guitars.


Tim Stark

Workshop TechniciansTim began his training as a guitar tech at Leeds College of Music in 1996 and had the agonising decison of leaving his course early to join Manson's or completing his course and seeing what the future held. Luckily for us he headed West and has headed up our Exeter workshop since. Tim handles guitar modifications, general repairs and specialist repairs such as effects installations. Tim has recently completed guitar repairs for Seasick Steve and Ryan Adams. His role alongside Hugh has evolved to include building custom-guitars including the twin neck Manson used by Matthew Bellamy. His vast experience has seen him tour as technician to Foreigner, Ben Harper, Wolfmother, Yes and Asia. Favourite Guitar Repair Tool: "My Dragon Rasps have rasps that are individually hand tanged. This is a craftsman's tool!"

Jeremy Owens

Workshop Technicians

Jeremy has been part of the Manson's team for a decade, firstly as a retail assistant but very rapidly moving into his passion, repairing, modifying and making guitars. A keen collector he understands the necessity for vintage correct spec and his refret skills have recently been utilized on the following vintage wonders, 1969 Fender  Telecaster, two 1974 Gibson Les Paul Customs, 1969 Gibson SG and a 1967 Fender Stratocaster, 1966 SG and Fender 1978 P-Bass. Jeremy also has a great eye for detail, which was most evident on a ’67 Paisley Telecaster in which he stripped a non-original lacquer revealing its original Paisley finish below. Jeremy's favourite repair tool is his fret-wire bending tool - "a necessity for accurate refret work."

Simon Thorn

Workshop TechniciansSimon is our most recent member to join the workshop team. He brings a wealth of experience with him and has been repairing guitars in our workshop since early 2011. Previously Simon has worked as a Store Manager for another music retail company, he has owned his own music retail store and has been working in the industry since 1997.Now as part of the Manson team Simon currently handles general repairs including set-ups, fret-dresses and pickup fittings, just to name a few. 


Rom Dobbs

Workshop TechniciansRom has spent many years at Manson's and headed up our second store site prior to relocation to the new site at McCoys Arcade in Exeter. Previously he was a technician for JHS repairing a multitude of instruments. Rom is an accomplished percussionist and regularly tours with the FOS Brothers across the UK as well as the Manson House Band Uncle Jam - a 70s funk band. Rom carries out repair work at Manson's and build work of the MA series of guitars.